Polycom VVX500 Series

Assigning the Server Address to a Polycom VVX Series Phone

1. Connect phone to power and to a network connection.
2. During phone boot-up, Press Cancel to exit boot-up, then tap Setup on the display
3. Enter "456" as the password.
4. Follow the on screen instructions for navigation. Use the Headset key to move up, the speaker key to move down, and the - and + keys to move left and right respectively.
5. Tap setup and highlight Provisioning Server. Tap Select.
6. Scroll down and highlight Server Type, tap Edit. Using the + key select "HTTP" and select OK
7. On Server Address, select Edit. Enter "config.nuvio.com" as the Server Address and select OK.
Note: Use the phone keypad to select the letters (Pressing 2 twice selects 'B,' three times 'C,' etc.) Use the * key for the period.
To delete/erase use the - key.

8. Tap Exit.
9. Tap Exit again.
10. Press Select to Save & Reboot.
11. The phone will now reboot and pull the appropriate configuration information, provided the phone is connected to an Internet connection. The Setup fields "Server Type" and "Server User" will be populated automatically during this reboot.

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