Star Codes

*7 On demand Call recording
*64 blind transfer for linksys ATA
*67 caller ID block
*69 last call received
*72 set call treatment to call forward
*73 cancel call forward/set call treatment to ring desk
*83<queue num> - ACD Login
*84<queue num> - ACD Logout
*85 set call treatment to followme
*86 set call treatment to voicemail
*87 set call treatment to time of day
*88 set call treatment to hangup
*90 transfer to VM
*96 intercom
*98 call park
*99 call pickup


  • *771<ext> for whisper mode with no one knowing
  • *772<ext> for mode with announcement although the announcement is not present yet and still no one knows
    • *DTMF signals during eavesdrop:
    • 2 to speak with the uuid
    • 1 to speak with the other half
    • 3 to engage a three way

Call Pickup

*52 tenant call pickup
*53xxx directed call pickup

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