Polycom SoundPoint IP 301, 501, 550, 601, 650

If a Polycom IP phone is displaying "URL call is disabled," this means that the phone was not able to register with the softswitch. Please make sure there is an active internet connection on the network, also making sure the cable and internet jack are all working correctly. You can plug a computer into the internet jack to ensure it has internet connectivity. Once this has been verified, you may need to contact your IT department to ensure that there have been no internet connection issues, or just simple reboot your internet router.

On some occasions, the phone will lose its configuration file information and will need to be rest and provisioned.

First reboot the phone and follow the instructions below as the phone comes back online.

Press and hold *468 at the same time while the phone is counting down until it boots up and then enter password 13579 (phone will automatically reboot)

Assigning the Server Address to a Polycom SoundPoint IP 301, 501/550, 601/650 Phone

1. Connect phone to power. An Internet or network connection is not necessary.
2. During phone boot-up, a countdown screen will appear please select the softkey displaying Setup. *NOTE 4.0 phones will show you an Application Loading screen. Press exit first then setup, continue from here.*
3. Enter "456" as the password.
4. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to Server Menu, and press Select. *4.0 phones will show provisioning server*
5. On Server Type, select Edit. Using the right arrow key select "HTTP" and select OK
6. On Server Address, select Edit. Enter "config.nuvio.com" as the Server Address and select OK.
Note: Use the phone keypad to select the letters (Pressing 2 twice selects 'B,' three times 'C,' etc.) Use the * key for the period.
To delete/erase use the 'Del' or 'X' key or select the '<' back arrow.
7. Select Exit.
8. Select Exit again.
9. Press Select to Save & Reboot.
10. The phone will now reboot and pull the appropriate configuration information, provided the phone is connected to an Internet connection. The Setup fields "Server Type" and "Server User" will be populated automatically during this reboot.

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